Our accounting services are designed to ensure that you are managing, calculating, and reporting your finances properly; which saves you time and money.

Tax Preparation

Professional tax preparation can save you time and frustration while helping ensure that you are not leaving any money on the table.

Payroll Services

Never worry about payroll again. We take care of everything from calculating pay to issuing checks and providing timely reporting.

Financial Advisory

From risk assessment and financial forecasting to restructuring and regulatory compliance. Ask a CPA.

Financial Audits

Financial audits help ensure that your house is in fiscal order and can make it easier to obtain funding or sell your business.

Business Planning

From facilitating capital loans to setting up a viable and scalable accounting system, we can help you plan for success.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are useful when applying for a loan, credit, tax planning, and to better understand your finances.


Whether you are an individual, a married couple, a small business, or a large corporation we can make preparing your taxes a breeze. Our professional tax preparers will ensure that you pay only what is owed and nothing more by taking advantage of every eligible deduction. We make tax preparation easy!


What our clients are saying, or said ...

A Competent And Effective Auditor

I have worked with several auditors over the years and found Gary to be a competent and effective auditor with a high degree of integrity. He also worked well with our staff, directors and third parties.

Patrick J. Carr

Went Above And Beyond

I came to Gary because I needed a true professional with taxes after my divorce. Gary went above and beyond the call of duty and provided me with excellent, professional and caring service.

Gwen Payne

Attention To Detail

Gary – for the first time in our school’s history – was able to analyze our entire operations and organize a system from which we were better able to manage our financial resources.

School Board Chairman

Always Saves Me Money

I never worried and he’s always saved me money. So I would recommend Gary to anybody. He’s just a great guy to have as a friend as well as a great accountant.

Heretic Advertising

Honorable, Fair, Generous and Thorough

You are kind, honorable, fair, generous and thorough and Paul and I have received the benefit of these qualities in all our dealings with you. Oh – I forgot – original and creative too!

Susan Zalkind

I received prompt and very helpful tax service from Gary Krupa, CPA

I had Mr. Krupa do my tax returns this year. He did them quickly in just 3 days. He answered my questions very carefully so that I was able to understand the complexity of my return. I would recommend him.

Debra Hogg

Marc’s enthusiastic recommendation of GKCPA

I have worked with Gary on my taxes for three years now. Each year he managed to find extra money where I least suspected it or minimized my losses. He is careful, detail-oriented, up on what is going on in the tax realm, and thorough. It is a privilege to have Gary as my CPA and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.

Marc J Plotkin

Recommendation of GKCPA by a client in New Mexico

Gary has been our accountant for many years. His work for us has been top-notch. If you’re looking for an experienced accountant who is meticulous and professional, I would highly recommend Gary.

Phil V Bigelow



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