Community Networking vs. Business Networking

If neighborhood networking is too limiting, try a different approach

Many people would take issue with the suggestion that you can meet more worthwhile business contacts by networking with your neighbors than at a business networking event. I’d be the last to dispute that since when I lived in Northern Arizona, I was in a semi-rural town within a retirement area with little hope of meeting prospective clients or employers in that area. However, since I moved to the San Francisco Bay area recently, I’ve seen that there are many more opportunities for productive networking since the economy here is more robust and the business environment more dynamic. Moving to another geographic location is therefore a solution for those who thrive on face-to-face contact as a means of advancing their careers.

By extension, visiting a certain website that’s compatible with your interests and participating in activities announced on the site, or communicating with the group’s or organization’s members can offer worthwhile networking opportunities that your neighborhood may not offer.

Some examples of Community Networking

Here are some examples of how community networking can help you.

  • Easily exchange pet sitting or pet care services
  • You may be offered a speaking engagement
  • You can trust whom you’re doing business or associating with
  • Barter your product or services
  • Have a free place to stay when you travel
  • Less competitive, more cooperative networking
  • It offers a support network for those who are unemployed or who are having difficulty coping with their job or career situation.

Author: Gary Krupa

I'm a CPA, married, with two cats, I play the accordion and speak French. I live in Sedona, Arizona in the Village of Oak Creek. I grew up in New York, and also lived in Southern California, the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay area, and elsewhere in Northern Arizona. While in college, I introduced to the Accounting Society a corporate version of Monopoly called "Corporate Monopoly". Visit my custom website at for very informative, interesting and up-to-date information about how to improve the state of your finances! It's where political correctness is kept to a minimum and financial helpfulness to a maximum.

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