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We're a full-service CPA firm that will help you take a more strategic approach to
financial management.

Professional services offered

Fees are charged based on the job's level of
complexity. A deposit may be required.


Gary Krupa, CPA firm video introduction

"I'm an accountant with interesting things to say about many subjects, not just accounting. However I'm especially good with accounting, and so is my CPA firm." - Gary Krupa

Recommendations from my clients and a private school employer can be found here.

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Our mission

Hello, my name is Gary Krupa. I'm a CPA with a CPA practice in Sedona, Arizona.

My firm's mission is to help my business and
non-profit clients operate more effectively. More|Less

We can help you to maintain your accounting records more systematically so that your recordkeeping becomes easier, more trouble-free. More|Less

We also offer to prepare your financial statements and tax returns, and assist with your other financial recordkeeping needs.

However, it's not enough to simply do a better job of accounting and bookkeeping. It's also important to seize the initiative by planning ahead so that your accounting system and finances are as responsive to you as possible. More|Less

No matter what service we perform, we'll always strive to help you improve the accuracy and usefulness of your financial information. We'll be totally objective about your finances, even when you aren't. And you can count on us to serve you with fairness, honesty, and to keep our word.

Contact me for a free one-hour consultation at
(805) 320-8503, or write to me by e-mail at

Solid accounting skills. A great problem-solver. A professional with integrity you can trust.
Gary Krupa, CPA.

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