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Solid accounting skills. A great problem-solver. A professional with integrity you can trust. Gary Krupa, CPA.

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A recommendation from a client of mine who owns an advertising firm

"I would recommend Gary to anybody. He's thorough, he knows what he's doing and - he saved me money." - Robert Schmierer, owner of Heretic Advertising in Sedona, AZ, now in Riverside, Ca.

In the video below, Robert recommends Gary Krupa, CPA at Montezuma Well in Rimrock, AZ. Please wait up to 45 seconds for the video to play.

Additional recommendations from my clients and a private school employer can be found here.

   Hello, my name is Gary Krupa. I'm a CPA with a CPA practice in Santa Rosa, California, located fifty to sixty miles north of San Francisco.
   My firm's mission is to help my business and non-profit clients operate more effectively. Many of them have a big problem that my firm is dedicated to solving: even if they use an accounting program like QuickBooks to help them organize their accounting records, they're still inadequately trained to do the accounting or bookkeeping. Or they just don't like doing it. If they hire a bookkeeper, the bookkeeper may be well-qualified, but may not be as qualified as an accountant to solve a complicated problem. To the frustration of a decision-maker like the owner, costly errors can result, that can, for example, a) alienate customers and cause bills to be overpaid, b) cause tax returns to be a struggle to prepare, and c) make it harder to make sound business decisions.
   My firm isn't only well-equipped to correct bookkeeping errors and make necessary adjustments to ensure that your business transactions are recorded accurately. We can also help you to maintain your accounting records more systematically so that your recordkeeping becomes easier, more trouble-free. The possibility of making errors will greatly diminish. You'll have more of a "turnkey" system, thus more confidence in your accounting system, so you can focus more on doing what you do best when you run your business or organization.
   We also offer to prepare your financial statements and tax returns, and assist with your other financial recordkeeping needs. No matter what service we perform, however, we'll always strive to help you improve the accuracy and usefulness of your financial information. And you can count on us to serve you with fairness, honesty, and to keep our word.
   Contact me for a free one-hour consultation at (805) 320-8503, or write to me by e-mail at

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