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French to English translation services
English to French translation services

   Do you need help translating financial or business documents from French into English, or from English
into French? I can translate your document because French is my second language after English.
   The advantage that I offer over a translator specializing in business documents is that I'm a professional accountant. This means I will have a better understanding of a technical document and its relevance to your situation than a non-accountant translator.
For example, I translated an annual earnings statement for a Canadian client who worked for a Swiss company from French into English, to help his accountant prepare his annual US tax return.
   The price will be determined by the complexity and length of the document. The same will be true for how long it takes to do the translation. Turnaround time: usually one to three days.



   Here are some examples of business documents I
can translate:

   Conversely, if you need assistance translating
from English into French, such as for corresponding
with a French speaker or sending marketing materials
to a French prospect, I can help with that too.
   My billing rates for this service are $.15 per word
or $40 per hour, whichever comes out to be less.
If you already translated the document and just need someone to proofread the translation, I’ll be glad to
do that for $.10 per word or $40 per hour, whichever comes out to be less.