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As an Intuit Tax Adviser - survey results received from customers

"Knowledgeable, professional and patient!"

"TT (TurboTax) agent worked diligently, was friendly, and got the job done."

"Rep. knew answer immediately and was very kind, professional and knowledgeable."

"He made sure he understood my problem clearly before he attempted to fix it. He was very patient with me and left me feeling as though I were his most important client of the day."

Financial statement audit for a Habitat for Humanity affiliate

"You did a fine job and the organization received an audit that it truly needed. I had already begun instituting many of the recommended procedures prior to my leaving the organization." - Former Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, AZ

Business Manager of a private school in Ojai, CA

"When Gary joined our administrative staff our school was facing numerous financial difficulties with no clear indication of where our fiscal house needed attention to detail. Gary - for the first time in our school's history - was able to analyze our entire operations and organize a system from which we were better able to manage our financial resources." - School Board Chairman Oak Grove School

Accountant for a portable spa dealership in Camarillo, CA

The owner gave the following responses to my survey reqarding the quality of service I provided.

On a scale from 1 to 10 -

1. Have I (meaning my firm) been responsive to your financial needs? 10
2. Have I helped you achieve your financial goals? 10
3. Has my communication with you and your business associates been effective? 10
4. Have I reported to you or attempted to report to you your financial standing and progress in a timely fashion? 10
5. Have I helped you maintain or enhance your credit standing? 10
6. Have I helped you become better at managing your business and finances? 10
7. Have I helped you save money while adding value to your business? 10
8. Have I been effective in reporting to government entities, i.e. sales tax, on your behalf? 10
9. Have I created and maintained effective accounting systems for your business? 10
10. Have I simplified the task of managing the business for you? 10

"Celebrating our 3rd year as business associates. Excellent relationship. Look forward to many more successful projects."

Tax CPA for Alabaster Stone Carvers

"You are kind, honorable, fair, generous and thorough and Paul and I have received the benefit of these qualities in all our dealings with you. Oh - I forgot - original and creative too!

We really appreciate the care and thoroughness with which you did our taxes, going back to 2007 and amending both 2007 and 2008, uncovering the omission of the Alpenlite deduction."

- Susan Zalkind, Carved American Alabasters
Camp Verde, AZ

Susan Zalkind recommends Gary Krupa, CPA. Please wait a little while for the video to play.

Besides helping artists Susan and her husband Paul Hawkins with their taxes, I helped them obtain a lower home mortgage interest rate and with QuickBooks for the Mac.

Tax CPA for a divorced parent

"I came to Gary because I needed a true professional with taxes after my divorce. Gary went above and beyond the call of duty and provided me with excellent, professional and caring service." - Gwen Payne

CPA for an Architectural firm

"Your service was very good. You took care of our current tax needs in a timely, thorough way."

Tax CPA for an Advertising firm

"I never worried and he's always saved me money. So I would recommend Gary to anybody. He's just a great guy to have as a friend as well as a great accountant." - Robert Schmierer, owner of Heretic Advertising in Sedona, AZ. He now lives in Riverside, Ca.

In the video below, Robert recommends my services at Montezuma Well in Rimrock, AZ.

Please wait a little while for the video to play.