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About Gary Krupa, CPA

   Just as many professional baseball players played a lot of baseball during their childhoods, I did bookkeeping for myself when I was a child. I kept a log of my expenses during family trips. What formally motivated me to become an accountant was when I consulted with my High School guidance counselor about my best career prospects. He advised me to go into accounting because “it’s a good career for young men”. Since 1983 I worked professionally for an accounting firm, CPA firms including my own CPA
firm, private companies, non-profit organizations, and a government organization. I was given all manner of accounting and bookkeeping work to do, and tax returns and financial statements to prepare. I also performed or assisted with attest work: compilations, reviews and audits. The work was varied and often complicated. I assumed increasing responsibility as my career progressed. Ultimately I was able to prepare a client’s financial statements and a tax return from only the client’s checkbook and legal documents. Details of my background and accomplishments appear on my résumé that you can download from this page. Click Here
   I have the organizational talent and the accounting and business management background needed to serve as a competent business manager or consultant. I’m versatile in the skills that I offer. I’ve been very good at listening and finding out what my clients and employers needed. Another of my important strengths is that I’m proactive. I worked tirelessly on my clients’ behalf. I helped my clients resolve problems when they occurred, or took steps to prevent problems from occurring. Have you heard of or read Michael Gerber’s book The E Myth Revisited? I use the concepts stated in the book as a foundation for my practice. It’s a systematic and visionary approach to operating a business, as it applies franchising methods to a business even if it isn’t a franchise.
   I’m also very good at training others to perform complicated tasks like using software, due to my patient approach and willingness to learn their background.
   When managing your finances, you need peace of mind. We’re financial professionals that can give you peace of mind.
   We will communicate with you in plain English, even though I speak three languages well: English, French and accounting. We don’t speak jargon. Thus, we can make complicated accounting and tax concepts that relate to your situation easy for you to understand.

Gary Krupa, CPA - Accounting par excellence

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Some firms and clients I've done accounting and tax work for

Industry specializations



Education, licenses and peer review

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, accounting major, Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York.
  • Certified Public Accountant in New York, June 25, 1986, New York State Education Department, license number 053973.
  • Certified Public Accountant in California,  November 19, 2014, California Board of Accountancy, license number 125355.
  • My CPA firm received a Pass rating for its system peer review in 2012.

Associations and memberships

Community and civic associations:
Beaver Creek Kiwanis Club Secretary, 2009 - 10 in Rimrock, Arizona.
   I recommended speakers for club meetings who
gave presentations on the following topics:

   Montezuma Estates Property Owners Association
Treasurer, 2008 - 09.
   Lake Montezuma Estates, Rimrock, AZ.

   Improved the Organization's accounting system,
made the Organization more accountable to
property owners, and recommended an effective
and affordable annual road maintenance fee.

Personal life

Some of my interests

Residence and home life

Married with two cats and a wife named Susan,
who has been the love and joy of my life since
1983 when we first met.