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Gary Krupa, Certified Public Accountant
Santa Rosa, California

Professional services offered:

   Fees are charged based on the job's level of
complexity, and how much you can afford to pay.
A deposit may be required.


Why Gary Krupa, CPA?
   Managing or owning an organization can be an
exciting experience. Or it can be a daunting one. My
firm exists to make your experience more exciting and
your organization operate more effectively. As our
success will depend to a large extent on how
successful you are, it's in our best interests to help
you achieve that success.
   We offer to serve as your strategic business
advisor and help you make sound business decisions.
We offer expert accounting, bookkeeping and tax
services. We’ll help you operate more systematically so
you needn’t concern yourself with getting tripped up
by human error because your results will be
predictable – that is, predictably right. With our
advanced technology and know-how we can help you
do your bookkeeping more efficiently and save money.
We believe in planning ahead rather than letting
success be a matter of chance. With our help you’ll
have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re on an upward path. We also offer to translate
your financial documents and presentations from
French to English and vice versa. This can help when preparing your tax returns, applying for funding or
when you’re doing business internationally.
   We have the experience, skill, resources and
resourcefulness to find insightful solutions to your
problems. We’re attentive to our clients’ needs. We
offer reasonable pricing, depending on how much you
can afford and the complexity of your project.
   To put it simply, we can give you a decisive edge
with customized financial services delivered with a
high level of skill and finesse, at a reasonable price.
We want to be a catalyst for your jumping at least
two steps ahead of your competition by establishing
a solid financial foundation.